Comic Con Artist Serves a Slice of Culture

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Four years ago, Jason Oakes was delivering pizza by night while studying art during the day. Today he’s an accomplished artist who combines classic pop culture with his unique, fine art style. Jason’s gritty, yet pretty style fuses familiar characters into moving, feel-the-sweat, dynamic and highly saturated work.

You don’t have to be a pop culture guru to appreciate Oakes art. His art is immersing.

Oakes uses color vibrantly and takes you to the edge of abstract; without letting you slip off the edge.

I had an opportunity to speak with Oakes and his ever-inspiring muse, Taryn Tillotson on the Flo Sho Podcast. Oakes was displaying his works at the 2017 El Paso Comic Con. Check out my interview and take a look at Oakes latest artwork on Facebook or Etsy.

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