Memorial Day Tribute; “Life is a celebration.”

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FloSho Retro: Today, I’m remembering my wonderful Mom and my beautiful sister Roberta. I miss you two.
I bought a used (heavy,) VCR today (some of you may have to Google the term… It’s from back in the day) for $14.99 at the thrift store. Best Buy doesn’t sell them anymore. You should have seen the salesperson’s face when I asked him where they are. “Uh, have you tried the 80s?”
The first tape I popped in was this one. Talk about a tear-jerker. Somehow I know my sister was behind my ‘random’ selection. Thanks Robi.
This video is 21 years old and was filmed on my other beautiful sister’s Wedding Day. Oh, my God. Can you believe her happy face? Awesome. I was the guy running around putting my camera in people’s faces acting silly. Sound familiar? Thank God I did. Can you imagine how I felt hearing my mother’s laugh and seeing my dear, departed sister’s smile today? Exactly.
When you see Roberta on camera you’ll understand where I got my shyness from. She loved the camera, loved life and lived to make people smile.
Roberta worked at a dialysis center in Virginia. My mom asked her how she could do it. “How can you get so close to those patients and know that they could die at any time,” my mom asked her. “Life is a celebration,” Robi explained. Indeed, that’s how she lived her life. My sister was always the one wearing a green Leprechaun hat on St. Patrick’s day, or decorating the center with red hearts and balloons for Valentine’s Day. At her home in Virginia, I remember one day my mother asked her why she set such an elaborate setting for lunch. “Who else is coming,” my mom asked. My sister had those little ceramic dove napkin holders, crystal glasses and those fancy linen place-mats that I always worried about getting dirty. “Oh, mother; life is a celebration,” she’d say.
During Robi’s last days, she had all the doctors and their staff wearing these cute, little cactus swizzle sticks in their pockets. It’s the only thing to represent Arizona that my mom could find at the dollar store.
Last St. Patrick’s Day, I received some strange looks from other drivers while I wore my green, felt Leprechaun hat driving around in my convertible. I was in and out of dealerships making the rounds for my work. There were other people, however, that would smile at me; especially the kids. For those that smiled, and for those that didn’t, if you ever want to hear the story behind my green, felt hat; Robi and I both know – life is a celebration.



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