Ghost Hunting; A Dying Business?

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El Paso Ghost Tours is alive and kicking in the field of paranormal investigations. EPGT provides supporting and/or contrary evidence towards paranormal claims that arise in the southwest. “We bring our guests a step closer towards the paranormal by providing an experience that is more akin to that of a real investigation,” says Leon Baker, EPGT Owner and onsite Investigator. “We highly encourage the use of personal photography, video, and audio devices by guests on our tours.”

In Seattle, Washington, Mercedes Carrabba has been running the Market Ghost Tour in Seattle for 12 years. “I picked up on the ghost tours started by my father in the 1980s,” says Carrabba. She claims she has had “experiences” with the supernatural all her life and saw an unfulfilled niche in the market of the supernatural.

Typically, ghost tours run all year, but see an uptick in sales in August through October; when the public becomes supernaturally minded. To sustain her business year-round, Carrabba’s company also runs Ghost Alley Espresso where all the baristas are “cross-trained” as supernatural tour guides “so they have a job all year long,” says Carrabba.

Ghost tourism is its own unique industry that spans from coast to coast. In San Diego, the Whaley House is home of the city’s first public gallows. Ghost hunts run for $50 per investigator with extra-spooky activities running throughout the month of October.

The Gotham PRS is a not-for-profit organization that is also a member of the TAPS family (that’s The Atlantic Paranormal Society’s network founded by Ghost Hunters stars and part-time plumbers Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson).

If you’re considering exploring and are looking for more than a flashlight and camera, consider the following equipment:

·       Trifield Meter

·       Portable Motion Sensor

·       EVP Listener

·       Digital Local Remote Thermometer

With polls showing that about a third of people in the U.S. believe in ghosts, if something does go bump in the dead of night, who you gonna call?

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