Have you ever dreamed that you could fly?

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Increasingly, employers are electing to identify high performers and increase their hiring success rate by utilizing objective data from questionnaires or tests that predict a candidate’s job performance.

While pre-employment tests are, scientific and designed by Harvard-level University type psychologists, may I suggest a less methodical, yet generally accurate personality test?  It’s free and entertaining.  Try asking your friends and family this question, “have you ever dreamed that you could fly?”

It’s an informal survey that I’ve been conducting for over 20 years; yes, it’s usually after a cocktail or two.  Of let’s say, 100 responses, replies generally fall into three categories:

  • 70%: “Huh, what are you talking about? You mean flying around like Superman?  ”
  • 20%: “I’ve had flying dreams. I remember.  But it’s been a long time.; like when I was a kid.”
  • 10%: “Yes, they’re amazing… I always enjoy those dreams.”

I’ve secretly identified “Flyers” as largely creative, free spirits and out-of-the box thinkers.  “Grounded” individuals tend to be just that; practical, reliable and quite serious about their responsibilities.

What about you?  Have you ever flown the friendly skies?



  1. Good question. Sounds like a great ice breaker into a conversation about something other than mindless babble. I’m curious as to the accuracy of your hypothesis. I may have to start conducting my own study. As for me, I aways dream of flying. There’s nothing better 🙂


    1. Thanks for your reply! And I completely agree with you about flying; it’s awesome! But yes, you’re right about my scientific method; purely UNscientific, but fun, nonetheless. So, what type of flying have you experienced? Thanks, Flo.

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      1. In my early teen years I would have non-lucid flying dreams as well as lucid ones. I used to always do flips and spins in the air and run my hands through the leaves at the very tops of the trees.

        These days it is rare for me to have a non-lucid flying dream. Sometimes I am swimming as a way of flying. But, I when have lucid flying dreams more often, my hand are either at my sides or straight in front of me, not moving, while I fly.

        One time I flew all the way into space! But the stars were very little like we see from earth 🙂

        What about you?


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