Connecting with Car Shoppers Using Facebook Dynamic Video Carousel Ads

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You know where your customers are; on Facebook! In fact, your Parts Department counter person just shared another meme… Anyway, you only have three seconds to capture the attention of these in-market shoppers. Nothing engages them like video!

Facebook users are now developing a curious side effect from so many hours of social media immersion. No, it’s not anything like those horrific-sounding warnings we hear from the pharmaceutical commercials (i.e., may cause itching, hair loss or death), but it’s a serious condition, nonetheless; Banner Blindness. A recent study states that only 20% of Facebook post generate an emotional response. As a result, the average banner ad click-through rate is on the decline.

But don’t worry; there’s a cure. The only way to get better results is to create better ads. Facebook’s Dynamic Video Product Ads is one of the best ways to boost engagement.

“We’re using Dynamic Video Carousel Ads to target our audience based on demographics, behaviors and contact information,” says John Luciano, Managing Partner at Street Volkswagen“These ads definitely grab the customer’s attention better than photo posts alone.” Luciano uses assorted eye-catching dealership videos that easily integrate into his website and other social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and more. “We can target customized messages to shoppers for sales, service and parts,” he says.

“We’re using Dynamic Video Carousel Ads to target our audience based on demographics, behaviors and contact information…” – J. Luciano

When used effectively, targeted product video ads are more cost-effective than traditional media. Savvy dealers are using Dynamic Video to drive more traffic to their Sales, Service and Parts Departments. Best results can be realized when videos are part of a strategic digital campaign. One of the healthy side effects is that video marketing can increase rankings in organic search results.

For more information on how your dealership can create a customized Video Marketing Campaign, join me at the Digital Dealer Conference & Expo in Las Vegas for Video Camp 102., September 18th – 20th at the Paris Hotel & Casino. This session will help you create a complete video marketing strategy tailored to your dealership’s unique mission and culture in a fun, fast-paced Build-A-Bear style workshop (without the fluff). You will walk out with materials to hit the ground running and tools to handoff to your staff; Plug & Play!

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Digital Strategist

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