Don’t wait to see the Netflix version of your life

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Patrick Allan, staff writer at says that we can motivate ourselves by living our lives like a movie. Here are some excerpts:

You’re the main character in your life and you’re filming your story right now

With the right mindset, you can use that philosophy to tackle whatever scene comes your way. Seriously, grownups can play too, and they can play in a positive and productive way.

Hollywood movies let us check our minds at the door and let our inner child play for a while. Long after the credits roll, the thrill of what we saw still lingers. We all want that “movie magic” in our own lives.

We want the romance, adventure, and magic to carry over and make our lives more than the normal grind it really is. Well, there’s a way you can carry it over, but you have to be willing to shift your mindset and play a little!

Would anyone actually want to make a movie about your life? Maybe not, but you should believe that you could make a movie about your life.

The star of the movie always knows their lines

That’s you, so act like it. Confidence comes from a lot of things: the way you move, how you make eye contact, but it also comes from how you talk. Many of us are afraid to be heard, so we cower and speak softly so nothing can hurt us. Well, this is your movie! You know your lines perfectly because you’re writing the script as you go along. Nobody is looking at you expecting you to flub or forget your lines, so speak with confidence.

Worst case scenario, it’s okay for your movie to have a blooper reel. Sometimes things just don’t go as planned and that’s okay. Laugh at yourself and shrug it off so you can look back at your blooper reel and smile.

You’re the main character and you should be rooting for yourself! Everyone else watching already is!

Every movie has a supporting cast

The protagonist rarely gets through their story alone, so think about the important people in your life. Remember that there are people around who want and can help you when the going gets tough. Sometimes the reason things don’t go well for the main character is because they ignore their support network.

Movies are only so long; use up every frame as best as you can

If you do your best and try to have a little fun, when the credits finally roll, and the film strip starts to spin off its reel, whoever was watching will set down their popcorn and say, “Damn, that was a great movie…” 

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