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Brett Cullen was a Gotham senator, Jackie Robinson‘s manager, and even Ghost Rider‘s surrogate father. Despite his cinematic fame as an actor, when Cullen was asked if being on the FloSho was the highlight of his career, he quickly quipped “No.”

Watch as Cullen explains why surfing behind an oil tanker can be exhilarating and why he never misses an episode of the Screen Addicts or Motormouth podcasts.

Cullen was the keynote speaker at the American Advertising Federation‘s (AAF) Central Region Conference recently. “This was a wonderful opportunity to speak to the Federation,” says Cullen. “I enjoyed talking about advertising from an actor and producer’s view.”

The AAF played host to leaders from 18 visiting states for their fourth annual AAF Central Region Conference. Established in 1905, the AAF is the only organization that includes members from all disciplines and career levels in advertising.

“It was great to hear Brett’s message of following what you trully what you love,” says John Luciano of Street Volkswagen of Amarillo. “That’s how true success is achieved.”

Born in Houston, Texas, he is known for his work on The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Ghost Rider (2007) and The Shallows (2016). He is married to Michele Little. They have one child.

He graduated from the University of Houston and spent four years with the Houston Shakespeare Festival. He owns a production company, with Meat Loaf, called “The Yellow Rose, Inc.”.

Cullen is a longtime friend of Dennis Quaid. They both attended the University of Houston and were drama students of Cecil Pickett.

Check out more of Cullen’s extensive body of work for yourself: #TheDarkKnightRises #GhostRider #Apollo13 #WyattEarp #TheReplacements
#BrettCullen #BigDogs #Narcos #QueenOfTheSouth #WalledIN #TheShallows


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