El Paso’s Spirited Ghost Tours

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Join us in El Paso, Texas for a paranormal experience that will not be forgotten; if you survive! Don’t miss the Friday the 13th Concordia Cemetery Tour! It will put goosebumps on your hairy little toes!

El Paso also hosts the El Paso Ghost Tours. This is a paranormal investigation group and tour company that was established in 2008 as a paranormal investigation team to help clients find the truth behind potential haunts in their residence or business. The team eventually grew into a tour company at the requests of the public. El Paso has plenty of creepy places, even when it’s not Friday the 13th: Downtown El Paso: Historic Downtown

El Paso’s streets are where many gunfights occurred throughout the years when the city was a major frontier town. John Wesley Hardin, John Selman, Dallas Stoudenmire, Bass Outlaw and Alice Abbott are just some of the names mentioned in the history portion of the tour.

El Paso Ghost tours is a growing organization with its sister company Enchanted Ghost Tours doing investigations and tours all over New Mexico. They also made history in 2011 becoming the first ghost tour group from outside the state of Arizona to bring people to Tombstone for a tour.


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