Boost Your Social Media Relevancy Score

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You already know that connecting with business owners in your community is important. Creating a meaningful bond, however, can be a daunting task. How can you support local businesses, beyond just buying their burgers or utilizing their dry-cleaning services? Purchasing locally is important, however, you can do so much more!
Maximize your dealership’s marketing efforts by collaborating with local business and creating brief, informative “Business Spotlight” videos. Share these promos on all of your social-media platforms and they’ll share it on theirs. Chances are that your dealership has more marketing muscle and experience that some of the start-up businesses in your community. If you have a dedicated social-media following, dovetail your efforts with theirs. All their customers with goodwill who like, share and comment on their business will now be aware of yours!
Check out Lost Pines Toyota is using three-minute video interviews to give their dealership a ‘relevancy boost,’ as well as their community!

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