You’re Paying for this Desert Billboard

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Don’t have a billboard in the desert, you say? If your company is posting static, boring, manufacturer-looking photos of your new cars, you might as well staple them to a telephone pole along a lonely, deserted road. No one, not even YOU, is clicking, ‘liking’ or sharing any of these dull posts. That should tell you something, right?


If your in-house graphic artist is the one creating ‘Throwback Thursday’ posts on your business Facebook; go stop them right now. The highest and best use of their talents is creating weekly, Facebook video ads. If they are familiar with Adobe Photoshop, learning video production software is a natural progression. Let us teach them how.


If you’re paying someone to create uninteresting posts; divert this spend toward creating in-house videos yourself. Don’t purchase canned videos from companies that are not willing to shoot on your lot. Show your authentic self, your store’s culture, your values, your fun by creating engaging your own video ads.


Let teach your in-house graphic artist how to storyboard, plan, shoot, edit and promote high-quality, video ads for your company today: (707) REFER-ME – (707) 733-3763,,


Chal·leng·er (Noun); One that challenges: A challenger of established authority:

  • Builds constructive tension
  • Always has a different view of the world
  • Understands the customer’s business
  • Loves a debate
  • Pushes the customer

The Challenger Selling™ model is the essence of what makes leading organizations great today.

Challenger™ is a registered trademark of CEB.

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